Hekate's Sickle Festival Test

Date: Oct 12, 2017
Capacity: 242 (1% booked)


Join us October 12 - 15, for our annual fall festival. Hekate's Sickle is an annual exploration of the mysteries of the Goddess Hekate in all her forms.  Overcoming the boundaries of death and change, we offer a sacred space for transcendent experience, the growth of ecstatic community, the perfection of love and trust. 

This event is held annually at Samhain, on or around Halloween weekend. During the festival, participants will engage in sacred metamorphosis that allow them to honor the grief and death aspects of the Wiccan belief structure, undergo healing experiences that will help them move from the dark half to the light half of our year, and celebrate the promise of resurgence of life. While many festivals explore the summer/spring concepts, Hekate's Sickle is unique in the fall/death/magical. afterlife concept.

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